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Electric mobility - 5 interim management projects accomplished

First projects for full electric vehicles (FEV) have been completed sucessfull in 2012 by Dietmar von Polenz. In 2019 all 3 assignments had e-mobility content covering all major components of the electric drivetrain:

First until end of May 2012 with the consulting firm INCOVIS AG the creation of the full vehicle  project-masterplan, the project structure plan (PSP with more than 5.000 elements) and important attachments to the Joint Venture contract for a BEV (battery electric vehicle), which was developed in Europe and should be manufactured in China.

Then from middle of June until end of September 2012 in the "Hybridhouse" of Robert Bosch GmbH the external Task Force leadership "rotorshaft spline" at the tier1 system developer and supplier powertrain,  power electronics and battery for a italian-american BEV passenger car with start of production (SOP) at the end of that year. Starting with the take over of external leadership responsibility before the completion of the root cause analysis to single break of the splines between electric engine and transmission at overload durability test, a new technical solution was found, validated by simulation and realized with the tier2 suppliers under tight time constraints with the manufacturing of improved samples and later series parts, the testing to validate the simulations and the inforced specifications to enable the SOP timing. 

For the japanese electric motors market leader NIDEC Motors & Actuators  2018/2019 in european plants the Interim Program Management for the outsourcing offer to industrialize in Poland and China the complete electric drivetrain module HEAT for a global premium OEM, including e-motor, power electronics, reductions gearset, cooling system, housing and axle support.

In spring 2019 the Interim Launch Management for the complete gearset of the new BOSCH Gen4 performance e-bike drivetrain at hGears Herzog GmbH in Schramberg, Germany. Challenge of producing automotive standards quality at bicycle pricing.

In autumn and winter 2019 in the new plant Nanjing of Constellium Aluminium in China the Interim Launch Management for the starting products battery box and e-motor subframe (target vehicle Byton M-Byte) and the industrialization of the crossmember engine subframe Ford Explorer.

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new project at tier1 supplier started

July 1st 2011 Dietmar von Polenz started a new project for INCOVIS AG  consulting at Filderstadt/Stuttgart, with a project at a tier1 automotive supplier at Muenster/Westfalen.

Projected until next year he leads as external project manager a team, which develops for the new middle commercial vehicles generation of Daimler a complex system module and launches until easter  2012 to volume production. Joined with that challenging and challenged task is consulting project, which organizes and implements in general methods and sytem of the processes product creation, project management, quality management and launch to volume production at an owner operated midsize system supplier enterprise.

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Friday, 11. December 2009

The transfer of 20% of next C-class generation volume from Sindelfingen to Tuscaloosa in Alabama in calendar year 2014 requires quick action for many suppliers for industrialisation to...

Tuesday, 27. October 2009

The 63rd International Motor Show Frankfurt (IAA) from 17th to 27th September 2009 showed very comprehensive important trends and innovation paths for power train technology, vehicle design and the...

Wednesday, 09. September 2009

With the announcement of GM on September 10 to sell 65% of its shares at GM Europe/Opel/Vauxhall to Magna and the russian Investors, enormous work is to be done in the next months to restructure the...

Sunday, 06. September 2009

With the full usage of the state funds "UMWELTPRAEMIE - colloquial and more popular not "environment subsidy" but "WRECKAGE SUBSIDY" in Germany and "CASH FOR...

Wednesday, 26. August 2009

In the networking tool LinkedIn I asked in May for opinions, which will be the midterm trend in automatic passenger car transmissions to DCT (Double Clutch Transmissions) versus CVT (Continuous...

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