Dietmar von Polenz, founder INTERIM[4]AUTOMOTIVE


  • managed new green field plant turn key projects up to US$ 0,5 billion capital investment
  • managed product development teams as e. g. improvement group for a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) for high performance sports cars (GETRAG, 2013/2014), Program Manager Oil module for new CV engine (Hengst Filtersysteme 2011),
  • installed joint manufacturing, product development and supply chains over several continents
  • launched new 4WD generation as program manager powert train & chassis on time & budget
  • structured the entire project and the product creation processes for a complete full electric vehicle and solved volume launch problems for an full electric powertrain of a big OEM.



  • general manager and plant manager domestic and overseas, as e. g. Reich LLC in Arden-Asheville North Carolina USA, 120 employees, transmission- and steering parts,
  • led project organisations of up to 800 people to realize complete greenfield plants cross-borders
  • integrated cross-functional corporations, suppliers, service providers and consultants to worldwide achievements
  • achieved ambitious targets for cost, time, budget, volume and quality on substantial automotive projects

Dietmar von Polenz, born 1955, works in English, German, French and Spanish. He acquired a masters degree in public economy and applied computer science at the University of Heidelberg.

With broad expertise gained on 4 continents, he leads to success integrating tasks of new economic and technical challenges in international setting.

Mr. von Polenz appreciates to provide on limited consulting or interim management base his profound knowledge about all product ranges of automotive industry to OEM and suppliers including process-similar industries as aerospace, railway transportation, machinery builders and others to create value for your company.


Dietmar von Polenz is member of Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e. V. (DDIM), the platform of german interim management professionals.

The DDIM defines as professional representation and society the professional standards, improves the quality assurance and the know how transfer among and for DDIM-members.

To safeguard the high consistent quality of their membership, every DDIM-member has performed a multi-level selection procedure according defined standard quality criteria.

All members of DDIM pledge to apply always the binding DDIM code of honor.

A professional liabiltiy insurance is active according to EU guideline 2006/123/EG and ยง 2,1 Nr 11 DL-InfoV.


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Dietmar von Polenz

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