MODERATION - To create ideas, build teams and to clearify and find facts INTERIM[4]AUTOMOTIVE moderates your workshops as independent knowledgable third party to solve conflicts by balancing of interests or facts-based elaboration of win-win-situations.

CONTRACT CONTENTS - For your negotiations and creation of contracts INTERIM[4]AUTOMOTIVE supports you by

  • international expertise to define your economic, technical and immaterial contract contents,
  • cross-check and supplement to win completeness of the attachments,
  • check of economic soundness and feasibility of legal wording,
  • monitoring the fulfillment of contracts and agreements according to rights and obligations,
  • support for license agreements, supply agreements and Technical Engineering & Assistance agreements local and international.

Legal advice and court representation are excluded and subject of your lawyer.


  • get support with experience and external view!
  • benefit by input of independent postitions and ideas, cross-check of your position!
  • support of your own management capabilities and motivation to use their creativity!
  • use worldwide experience and proven skills of intercultural management!
  • get execution-oriented elaboration of legal contents and pursuing of your rights!
  • solution of conflicts and equilibration of interests, also proactive to avoid court cases!
  • expertise over the entire automotive value chain including new alternative power train concepts.

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