Creation of the project-master plan, the project-structure-Plan (PSP) and of attachments to a Joint-Venture-contract for a full electric vehicle (FEV), which was developed in Europe prototype-ready and should be industrialised in China.

Complete detail planning of the project including components, tools, testing- and release activities to volume production launch. PSP with more than 9.000 elements.

This consulting project was performed in the first half of 2012 for INCOVIS AG project- and process consulting.

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Manager "Task Force spline" in summer 2012 for a full electric drivetrain to safeguard the volume launch at an italian-american OEM.

  • Finalisation of root cause analysis at tier1 system supplier electric drivetrain after single strong spline wear-out diagnosis at the spline of the rotor shaft following overload endurance testing beyond specification borders.
  • Definition  of solution concept with new technology features in coating, tolerance reductions, optimisation of materials and processes.
  • Responsibility for time-critical implementation of the solution concept for improved sample and volume parts including of their testing and releases at the tier1 and the tier2 suppliers.
  • Safeguarding of the in-time volume launch of the full electric target vehicle in December 2012 at the OEM in Mexico.

This Interim Management project was performed successfull in the Hybrid house of Robert Bosch GmbH in cooperation with TMG Consultants in summer 2012.

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INTERIM[4]AUTOMOTIVE Interim Management can be your success factor for your steps in a new business system e-mobility! Many corporations do not have the solid combination of comprehensive experience and management capacity in conventional automotive technologies and the proven competence in e-mobility!

Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers from the conventional technologies with internal combustion engines (ICE) must face quickly and sound to new challenges of  e-mobility. Very often they do not have the experienced management capaciity for the variety of simultanous developments and lauches of electrified vehicles, modules and technologies (electrified auxiliary modules, micro-Hybrid, mild-Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid, Range Extender vehicles, full electric vehicle FEV,  fuel cell vehicles,...).

Manufacturers and suppliers from the industries electric and electronics with focus on solid state and non-moving environment force as new players into the new market of e-mobility. They often do not have any experience of mobile usage profiles and environment conditions. Missing knowledge and capabilities to meet the specifc requirements and processes of the automotive industry and  to fulfill the standards and certifications can result that a module or a vehile cannot be developed, homologized and launched savely and cost-effective to volume production, even with good ideas and new solutions. These deficits continue over the value chain from the marketing, the volume manufacturing, quality managment, supply chain, after sales services until the recycling.

E-mobility development is characterized by a growing variety of cooperations and joint ventures bridging borders of single industries. The Vision of a smart grid requires extended strong cooperation of automotive industry, energy providers, power and data network providers, loading stations, billing systems, navigation and telecommunication providers in dedicated project organisations, which have to be managed and implemented interface-integrating.

Everythere is Interim Management the quick and effective problem solution!

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In three decades of management responsibility at global OEM and tier1 suppliers on all steps of the automotive value chain the topics energy saving, recuperation, alternative propulsion, alternative fuels, lightweight design, elektrification of auxiliary modules have always had a important role since middle of the eighties in addition to conventional automotive technology.

A deeper scientific-technical base for e-mobility laid the three-day symposium of ATZ and Steinbeis-foundation about electric mobility 2010, the VDA-congress "Electric Mobility 2011", two successfully mastered consulting and interim management assignments at OEM and tier1 for e-mobility in 2012 as well as the active network to platforms and companies of the National Platform Electric Mobility on regional and national base.

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