Use leadership experience flexible, for defined time and tasks worldwide through the industrial value chain!

  • Operative management (general management, start-up management, successor bridging, short fixes, strenghtening of your team, launch management, interfaces,...)
  • Leadership of manufacturing projects (greenfield plants, restructuring)
  • Leadership of new product projects (development, product portfolio, manufacturing planning, product creation processes, product lifeycle management, launch management,...)
  • Leadership of system transfer projects (site selection, industrialisation, technology transfer, relocations,...)
  • Leadership of optimisation projects in manufacturing, supply and development
  • Management of change


  • time to market, execution speed, competence, free management resources, ...
  • get independence and contribution of external view and experience!
  • start tasks without time delay and without gaps in your line organisations resources!
  • bridge HR vacancies without interruption!
  • solve project requirements without remaining headcount after the implementation,
  • combination of consulting in the strategy phase with following operative interim management as phase concept possible!

INTERIM[4]AUTOMOTIVE is your value creation partner for the reshaping and opitmization of your business systems domestic and abroad!

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Dietmar von Polenz is member of the Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e. V. (DDIM) , the professional platform of german interim management.

The DDIM as professional representation of interim managers and associated providers defines the  professional standards.

The DDIM improves the qualitäty assurance and the knowledge transfer of DDIM-members.

To safeguard the high consistent quality of their membership, every DDIM-member has performed a multi-level selection procedure according defined standard quality criteria.

All members of DDIM pledge to apply always the binding DDIM code of honour.

A professional liability insurance is signed according to EU-guideline 2006/123/EG of 12.12.2006 and § 2,1 No. 11 DL-InfoV.

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